Will we somehow “get along ?”

No. Because it is important to me that everyone knows the rules in advance to make an informed decision of cooperation.

Basic Rules


is provided in so-called  “blocks” of 4 interpreting hours.


With orders worth approx. EUR 1000, a relevant agreement must be signed with the customers.


are counted in standard page units, which contain 1125 characters with spaces,


Your account should be settled on the basis of invoices.


What is a “block”?

A block is four hours. Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) is settled not by the hour, but by blocks.

Why are interpreting services settled by blocks?

Such a system of settlement is adopted not only in Poland but throughout Europe. When interpreting away a daily rate of two blocks is usually calculated. Regardless of the number of actual hours of interpreting. We take into account the availability of the interpreter and the fact that our work also requires preparation (for a very  specialised four-hour conference it takes several days to prepare).

Why are there always two or three interpreters in the booth?

Would you like to fly across the ocean with only one pilot? Do you feel safe at the swimming pool, where there is only one lifeguard? That is why…

Interpreting can be very stressful. We speak almost simultaneously with the speaker of a foreign language. The human brain is able to operate in this voltage for no more than 30 minutes. Besides, anything may happen – coughing, a momentary lack of concentration, the need for a breath of fresh air – the internal dimensions of the booth for two are (in mm): height – 1960, width – 1560, depth – 1560).

There may be an electricity failure, or noise in the headphones – all that requires the instant intervention by another person. A good co-interpreter is worth his/her weight in gold. Please note that during the conference, speakers change every 30-90 minutes, whereas interpreters, of whom there are only two (or three), speak for eight hours or longer.

Is it possible to interpret a conference into several languages at the same time?

Yes, it is. Several booths can work at the same time, each sitting two interpreters. At the largest event on which I have worked, we simultaneously interpreted in 12 languages – 12 booths, 24 interpreters. But generally, it is up to four languages. The listener, eg. a German receives the “ear” which is always a translation into German, even if the speaker speaks Japanese. This type of interpreting is called relay.  The German translator interprets not the speaker, but a colleague from a Japanese booth, who at that moment is interpreting a message into Polish.

What equipment is needed for interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting does not require any special equipment, neither does whisper interpretation.
Mobile interpretation (eg. the tour of a building, or plant) requires tour guide devices consisting of receivers and headphones (for listeners) and the transmitter and microphone (for the interpreter). The speaker must be aware that the interpreter will speak at the same time, and therefore must stay close to the speaker (e.g. during the tour of a factory, to hear the transmitted text well).

Interpreting held in booths requires special simultaneous interpreting equipment, e.g consoles, headphones. Many venues have their booths permanently built in, but they can also be placed basically anywhere, even outdoors. IMPORTANT: headphones are provided for all conference participants, not just a foreign language group. We cooperate with good, trusted equipment providers and event organisers able to provide not only the equipment, but also the entire sound service devices, even for very large events. If you need such assistance – I will gladly help.


  • Cooperating with Dr. Edyta Grotek has been a pleasure. She perfectly understands the needs of our company and always finds the best solutions for us.

    Andrzej Kacprowicz Gastroparts sp. j.
  • Thank you for the many years of fully professional interpreting services during meetings of the Mayor with the guests of our beautiful city. As well as always efficient and reliable translations of official correspondence.  You have proven your reliability as a partner for translation services, guaranteeing the highest level of their execution. I assure you that we will be happy to continue our cooperation in the future.

    Ewa Banaszczuk-Kisiel City Office of Toruń
  • Mrs. Edyta Grotek is a reliable business partner, a trustworthy professional who guarantees the highest level of service.

    Lidia Rębiałkowska Salamander Window & Door System
  • I am glad with our cooperation, which we will be happy to continue.

    Hanna Szymkiewicz Association for Long-Term Care and Social Assistance 'House Under the Sun'
  • Dear Edyta! Thank you for your fully professional interpreting assistance during The Polish-German Colloquium. Please accept my sincere words of appreciation for your help and openness.

    Michael Brzóska Poznan University of Technology