How are the translations?

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You can count on much more than professional translation when you decide to work with us. We will advise you how to manage the technical side of multicultural events.

I work as an interpreter: for conferences and as a consecutive interpreter. I help not only  companies that require the language of business meetings, of specialist trainings, or at legal events (general meeting of shareholders , etc . ), and during negotiations, but also the City Hall and Marshal Offices. I work as a translator at diplomatic events, and for foundations  and educational units.

I interpret during conferences on the widest range of subjects. I have my tried and trusted “concubines “: thanks to the cooperation with the best in the industry I am able to help in cabin translations in other language pairs, as well as in the setup of appropriate equipment. I also do written translations (regular and certified ) and help in the creation of advertising materials.

“My task, which I am trying to achieve is,
by the power of the written word,
to make you hear, to make you feel – it is,
before all, to make you see.”

Joseph Conrad


Conference interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting – at congresses, conferences, large-scale trainings. This takes place in soundproof booths, where for each language pair two interpreters are involved. Every interpreter has a desktop microphone and the audience receive handsets, where they hear the voice of the interpreter.
During events ‘on the move’ (e.g. factory tour), tour guide systems are the basic equipment – a mobile set for simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

Ideal for clients who need an interpretation of short, official speeches , e.g. during the event opening ceremony or during thank-you speeches. The interpreter renders the words of the speaker (usually paragraph after paragraph). Please note that such an interpretation doubles the time of the event.


I do both certified translations (documents for courts, police, businesses), as well as other, unofficial ones. Law and economics are the arias I most frequently work in. I enjoy scientific texts – historical and linguistic; if I happen to be working on such texts I’m simply indulging myself.

Location of advertising materials

For many years I’ve worked in advertising with many companies, especially German and Austrian. I’ve ensured that their advertising materials are not only consistent and well-translated, but above all, written for the target group – the client of a foreign language. I adapt them to reality, especially in the context of linguistic conventions , intercultural communication and intertextuality.